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Meet Wilma
I believe life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.
I am passionate about helping women cultivate a life you love. I help women find freedom, joy, and fulfillment by lovingly getting to the root of your pain. The truth isn’t always pretty and either is the pain but in order for our flower to bloom we have to prune it. I believe in taking risks and moving forward in the name of growth and healing. For most of us, this can be a difficult task.
My Journey
I was born in Brooklyn, New York. My father was less than loving and not always kind; so when I was three my mother left him. My siblings and I lived with two of my mother’s sisters for a year, while my mom worked hard to get on her own two feet. In my last year of elementary school we moved to Maryland.
Female Firefighter
I became a firefighter at age 22. I was one of the youngest in my class and the only female. It was tough to say the least. Although I did not know it then, this experience would forever change who I became in a very powerful way. In my training I was taught to never ever give up because someone is waiting on me and their life depends on me. For instance, when someone’s house is on fire, it matters not what’s going on, what’s right and what’s not right in my life, they need me (and my team) to show up. In those moments, that’s all that matters. Therefore, I learned how to push myself far beyond what I believed to be my limits and to give my all.
I Had To Be Strong
This was a man’s job and here I was doing it. My male coworkers would often generalize women and I hated it. Some of the images and messages I received about women from them were that we were weak, we whined, and if we complained it was because it was our time of the month. So as a woman, I was met with resistance a lot of times. I second guessed myself on the inside but kept it moving on the outside. I did not show vulnerability as to me this meant I was weak. This belief spilled over into my personal life so there was not a lot of room for my creativity. I was powerful but my voice became silent.

In spite of this, I did some pretty rewarding things along the way. I worked as a counselor on a crisis hot line. I went to college. I also worked on the Critical Incident Stress Management team as a peer counselor. My job was to debrief my peers after a critically stressful event. I have seen a lot of things in my career – good, bad and indifferent. I have delivered a few babies and witnessed a few people taking their last breaths too. It has been stressful but, it has all helped to color my life.
Shift Happens
Fast forward some years as I wanted to help women but knew I had to first help myself. I applied for the Life Mastery Program at the Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development founded by Iyanlya Vanzant. My true healing journey began August of 2005 at summer intensive. It was there that I found a safe place and a sacred space in which I could heal, harness, release, and grow. I found my voice and tapped fully into my power. My life changed that summer and I have moved forward ever since.
After years of study, I completed Life Mastery and continued on to Spiritual Life Coaching.
Meet Your Coach
I started my coaching practice part time in 2009. I am passionate about helping women create lives you love and healing through your rough spots. I am a life coach- speaker – mentor and soon to-be author.

What makes me different in the vast sea of coaches? I am a clairvoyant and I use this tool in my coaching. It helps me to get to the root of what’s really going on and we grow from there. I have been trained in various modalities such as chakra balancing, energy clearing, aura cleansing, and grief release. My unique style of coaching, teaching, and healing has helped me in facilitating workshops for women of all cultures and races.

I have a Facebook group called Women Blooming Wildly. It is my vision to see women all around the world blooming wildly in your passion, your joy, and your power; while transforming everything you touch so it is better than it was before you touched it.
I manifested this vision through my business, Full Bloom Services. I believe the blueprint for your healing and destiny lies within you. Regardless of where you are on your journey, coaching offers a supportive and safe space to help you cultivate and grow. With me as your coach you will have a wonderfully- creative good time as we discover the hidden gems in your garden. I am committed to your healing so let’s get started.

Where You Can Find Me

On the 3rd Tuesday of every month you can find me on a free coaching call with The Red Panty Society where I am a Red Advisor. The Red Panty Society is social enterprise that empowers women to love and accept all aspects of themselves.

On Periscope (@Full Bloom Info) as I scope weekly about growing a life you love and other topics. What would you like to talk about?

On Twitter (@CoachWilmaLee) as I tweet about self- love and self-acceptance regularly.

My Blog you can find posts on life, love, growth and more.

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