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Chances are you are tuned into what is going on in our country. How could you not be! Everyday there is news, media, social media, etc., etc., about our president and his shenanigans. Some people may not watch the news and if this is you so be it. However, everyday on Face Book there is always a rant going on.
What I want to tell you to remember in all of this is, keep calm and carry on. So many people are experiencing awakenings cleverly disguised as illusions of confusion. So I want to give you 8 tips to help you get grounded and stay grounded.
1.Take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on. 
2.Surround yourself with love. Put more love in your world. Create a collage, vision board. Change your view. Put more love into yourself. Do some wonderfully loving things for yourself that you enjoy. Create a love list. Write down all the things you love and pick one of those things to do for yourself each week or whenever you can.
3.Unplug. It’s tough staying connected to the world all the time. I try to practice unplugging regularly. In the words of a favorite quote of mine, almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you. 
4.Get grounded and maintain your connection. How do you start your day? I start my day with prayer and meditation. I need this to help me make it through my day. It helps to ground me. In essence it keeps me sane. What works for you? Figure it out and do it.
5.Stop anesthetizing yourself with whatever it is you use to distract yourself. This is where we are, get on board, and do something to change your situation. It’s that simple.
6.Get a Himalayan salt lamp. I have two. They help and I love them.
7.Burn some essential oils or diffuse them. I love essential oils and use them whenever I can. I burn them throughout my home. I use them in my bath and to add fragrance to my body lotions.  
8.Last but not least. Don’t quit and never give up no matter how things look around you. Often people quit just before their breakthrough so keep trecking and use these tools I have given you.
If you need additional assistance, I have a few spaces available for free clarity sessions. You can schedule yours here

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