I am…… What are you? Who are you? What defines you? Who defines you? To many times we let others define who we are. Do you know anyone like that? Is that you?

Often in life we get caught up in the titles of who we are and forget who we really are. A lot of times we think we are not enough but we try to show up as more than enough.

I am, are two of the most powerful words on the planet. When you think of who you are, who and what are you. Some many times in a day I hear people use disempowering words to describe themselves. You have seen them. Perhaps you are one of them. I hear them say, “I’m so stupid, I’m slow, there are quite a few others but they shall remain silent for the purpose of this blog post.

Your thoughts create your reality. What’s going on in your head usually shows up in your world. If you think negative of yourself, you will attract people who will treat you the way you think of yourself.

For today think a new thing about yourself. Even if you already think wonderful empowering things about yourself. Try on some new words.