Wilma Lee offers coaching services to help you grow into happiness and success. Sessions are held in person, via tele-phone, or coaching conference call.

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I help women tap into their passion and give birth to it. I help them to harness their power and personal choice and move forward. I help them heal forgive and release their pain. I connect them to their voice and allow them to hear it. I help them to find the beat of their own heart and follow that. I help them learn how to love themselves and move forward after the storm, the grief, and the pain. I help them to release fears which keep them from ascending higher and flying to their destiny. I listen and hear them in a way they may have never been heard before. I hear you on a deeper level. I am you.

I love to see a woman in full bloom. This is my passion assisting them on their journey to a bloom from a closed bud.

I love to work with women who:

  • Are willing to take risk and move forward in the name of growth.
  • Are willing to be vulnerable.
  • Are willing to shed the layers that they no longer need.
  • Are ready to grow, shine brightly and stand tall as it is their birthright.
  • Are willing to do the work.
  • Are ready to show up.
  • Are committed to themselves and their growth.
  • Are ready to lead and live from a place of authentic power.
  • Are ready to release their baggage as you have carried it long enough.
  • Are ready to have their voices heard.
  • Want to bring balance to their lives.
  • Are ready to create beauty in their world.

However these are women I do not want to work with:

  • Women who are rude, mean, and not willing to show up or do the work.
  • Women who are not willing to make a commitment to themselves.
  • Women who make excuses.
  • Women who are lazy.


I Offer the following services:

Individual and/or  group coaching

Life Compass creation

Workshop facilitation. Workshops can be personalized for your group.

Grief Coaching

Intuitive Consultations

Speaking Engagements

Motivational Speaking.

Reiki- Reiki is a technique used for stress reduction that also promotes healing.

Women Blooming Wildly Facebook Group

Women Blooming Wildly Elite – A safe and sacred circle for women involving tapping into your own Divine Feminine power. Releasing your baggage. Harnessing, developing, and discovering your voice.This women’s circle meets monthly.

The Other Side of Grief – A workshop series designed to assist with the journey from grief to acceptance.

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